Top 8 Tips for Writing Great Stories (Plus 3 bonus Tips)

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I recently won a writing competition: the Magic, Mystery or Skateboards competition at Creative Kids Tales.


The prize? An amazing, wonderful, inspiring Faber Writing Academy course at Allen and Unwin. I attended Getting Published as a Writer for Children in Sydney on October 14, and it was one of the best writing courses I have ever attended.

Relaxed, inspiring and encouraging, Jane Godwin (author and editor), our main presenter for the day, was so generous and warm, and I left feeling inspired to tackle the next challenges in my writing journey.

I spilled some secrets from the course over on Creative Kids Tales: Secrets to Writing the Best Story Ever (tips and tricks from a Faber Writing Academy course)


I thought I might spill just a few more over here.

So here are 8 more tips for writing great stories:

  1. Great stories have the right balance of originality and familiarity.
  2. In great stories, character and plot are intertwined, and the plot grows out of character.
  3. In great stories, main characters grow and change.
  4. Great stories leave gaps for the reader to join the dots. They create a well-organised absence of information
  5. To create great stories, have something you want to explore and share. Write what captures your imagination. Find your inner reason for your story.
  6. Great stories have a sense of the magical.
  7. Great stories don’t let the message override the story.
  8. Great stories have vivid, specific and immersive details.

And here are 3 bonus tips about submissions:

  1. Get your voice into your submission letter/pitch because your voice is what is going to set you apart and make you stand out.
  2. Make your submission memorable.
  3. Don’t be gimmicky but don’t be boring.

Hope they help!