The Story Time Series

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Story time with kids is a wonderful thing. It’s a chance to snuggle and share and learn and laugh. But have you ever thought about just how much story time can give?

Sure, reading books to kids teaches them about language and how to read, but did you know it can also be used to teach maths, critical thinking and the art of storytelling itself. Stories can also be turned into games, which is great for kids who are not that into story time.

So, in a series of posts (The Story Time Series), I’m going to share with you my favourite ways to enrich story time and use it to have fun and learn with kids. Here’s what I’ll cover:

1.     How to Have Fun and Games With Picture Books

2.     How to Teach Maths With Picture Books

3.     How to Explore Critical Thinking With Picture Books

4.     How to Teach Story Telling With Picture Books

 First up, let's talk about How to Have Fun and Games With Picture Books. It’s going to be heaps of fun!