'Made Me Speechless' Picture Books

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Picture books are magic.

They can make us laugh, make us cry and leave us speechless. Today I want to share some of my favourite ‘made me speechless’ picture books.

The beautiful ones, the inspiring ones, the ones that transport you to someplace ‘other’ and give you chills.

Colour Me by Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Moira Court

Picture of 'Colour Me'

Colour Me is a picture book of artwork with a gorgeous narrative about the colours of the rainbow. The text is hauntingly beautiful as it compares each colour to elements of nature and animals from around the world.

'If I was orange, I’d be as wild as the flickering fire. And I’d dash through the bush with daring dingoes.'

I love that the colours discussed in this picture book are the real colours of the rainbow (indigo and violet rather than pink and purple), so it teaches while it takes your breath away.

This book is divine. Check out my full review over at Kids' Book Review here.

This House, Once by Deborah Freedman

Picture of 'This House, Once'

This is a magical book about a house and where it comes from: the door from a colossal oak, the bricks from mud and the glass window from sand.

With poetic sentences and amazing illustrations in beautiful shades of purple, this is a picture book that makes you stop and think.

I love how it shows the reader the history of where things come from — things we often take for granted and don't think much about.

It's a wonderful lesson, especially for kids, but it's masterfully camouflaged within a gorgeous story.

My review for This House, Once can be found here.

One Thousand Trees by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Picture of 'One Thousand Trees'

One Thousand Trees is pure bliss. Every single page is worthy of being framed, and the simple text is a wonderful exploration if nature and trees.

In a beautifully subtle way, this book sends a strong message about the importance of trees and being able to see green in our cities. But it’s one of those wonderful books that leaves things open to interpretation, so what I get out of it may not be what you get out of it.

But whatever secrets you uncover when you read this story, I guarantee you will fall in love with it's beauty and want to touch all the pages.

Find out more about One Thousand Trees here.

I do hope you’re able to find copies of these marvellous books and explore the magic for yourself, because I think you can tell by the covers that you'll be in for a treat!