Four Awesome Activity Books

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Anything that has kids doing something creative (and not watching screens) is a win in my eyes, so it likely won’t surprise you when I say I love activity books.

Colouring books, puzzle books, craft books, I love them all. But here are four of my current favourites.

How to Draw Cute stuff by Angela Nguyen

This is a book to buy for the whole family. Filled with awesome ideas for hundreds of irresistibly cute things to draw, it will inspire the kids (and you) to pick up your pencils and markers.

And the instructions could not be easier. They are set out visually (so there’s no reading required), which means everyone, young and older, can use this book.

If you're kids like drawing, or they want to learn to draw, this is a great activity book to have in the house.

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Get Mapmaking! How to Get Creative With Maps by Rian Hughes

I don’t own this book yet, but I will soon.

Just look at it! What kid doesn’t like making maps and then using them to go on adventures.

I love the concept of this book. Not only does it inspire creativity, but it encourages play. There's got to be hours of fun to be had with this book.

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Gift Boxes to Colour and make: Birds and Blossom by Felicity French

I think there’s something really special about kids making things themselves, and I particularly like the idea of hand-made gifts.

This book gives kids both: a chance to get creative and make something and a chance to create gift packaging for a friend or relative.

The pictures to colour are divine in this book, and there are other books in the series if  you’re not into flowers and birds.

My review for this one, can be found here.

The World's Cutest Animal Colouring Book by Lulu Mayo

This colouring book really wowed me , and I’ll admit I still haven’t let my three-year-old touch it.

Because not only do you get stunning illustrations of baby animals to colour, you also get a full colour version of each illustration to inspire your creativity or just to keep and enjoy as art.

I've never owned such a beautiful colouring book in my life, and I often take it off the shelf just to admire the pictures.

My review for this one over at Kids' Book Review is here.

So if you need an activity for the kids, or you're looking for a unique gift, maybe consider an activity book. There are so many cool and interesting ones available these days, and I promise you kids will love them!