DIY Story Stones

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Kids love listening to stories, but they also love telling stories. I love to encourage my kids to tell me stories based on the pictures in a book, but sometimes it's cool to get them to make up stories all on their own. 

Story stones are a great and simple-to-make tool kids can use to help them tell their stories. They're cheap to make and the kids will enjoy the making as much as the playing.

What you need:

Picture of story stones
  • Rocks (you can pick up bags of rocks at garden and hardware stores, or use what you have in the backyard or find at the park).
  • Paints or markers (finding a marker that will stay on the rock can be tricky. I use Bic Metallic Permanent Markers for mine. They're about $10 for 8 different colours).

What to do:

Picture of story stones
  1. Draw/get the kids to draw pictures on the rocks: Animals, people, objects, scenery, buildings, weather, scribbles, anything at all.
  2. Take turns using the rocks to tell a story. I usually start with a character stone and a scenery stone and then take the character on a journey somewhere, but the kids will come up with their own crazy ideas, and the stories don't need to make sense!

That's it! So many different stories can be told from a collection of story stones, and the kids will just love being able to share their tales with you.

Picture of story stones