Book Launch: Wyrd by Cate Whittle

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Harry Hartog Woden was PACKED today for the launch of Cate Whittle’s new novel, Wyrd.

A story of sisters, challenging friendships and witches, Wyrd is jam-packed full of magic, spells and awesome witchiness!

Cate Whittle is the author of the Trouble series for junior fiction readers, and Wyrd is her first middle fiction novel.


She spoke about this along with some of the themes and ideas in the book, which I completely missed as I tried to wrangle my kids who were eager to sample the delicious treats!

The line for a signature was long, and twisted throughout bookshelves, but this is testament to Cate’s talent.

Her eager fans all waited patiently (myself included) to receive treasured words from Cate in their very own copies of Wyrd!


Thank you Cate for a wonderful book launch (and a fantastic book!), and thank you James from Harry Hartog who always welcomes us writerly folk into his bookshop with open arms. 

p.s – I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: the value of taking kids to book launches is immeasurable.

My munchkins are a long way off from reading middle fiction, but I never miss an opportunity to throw them in amongst books, books and more books and introduce them to the amazing creatives behind them.

Plus, treats! How can you go wrong?