Super Easy Flag Banners

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Looking for a fun indoor activity for the holidays or a rainy day (or both)? Why not make a flag banner. It’s really easy, and it will keep the kids occupied for ages (maybe?!?).

Here’s what you need:

  • String or wool or ribbon
  • Coloured paper (or plain)
  • Thing to decorate with: markers, pencils, glue, magazines, stickers, paint, whatever your heart desires (or whatever you have around the house)
  • Sticky tape

What to do:

  1. Hang up the string/wool/ribbon. I use string and have teeny nails hammered into door frames to tie the string to. But you could also just use sticky tape or curtain rods to tie to.
  2. Cut the paper into flag shapes. Cut in half length ways. Then fold over and cut a triangle out of the open end (see pictures below). I usually stack a few pieces together to make it faster.
  3. Decorate the flags.
  4. Attach the flag to the string. You can just drape them over the string, but I like to secure in place with a little bit of sticky tape so they stay put.

That’s it. They look great, and the kids will love having their artwork hanging around the house.

They also make great decorations for parties—easy and cheap and very customisable. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) at its finest!