7 Reasons to Take the Kids to a Book Launch

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I've been raving a bit about book launches lately (and peppering my Facebook feed with event details), so I thought I would write about why I think they are so fantastic. 

So here are my top 7 reasons to take the kids to a book launch:

  1. Kids learn books don't magically appear on bookshelves. They learn that a very talented someone has carefully crafted words to create the story that they love. 
  2. Authors sign books! And signed books are loved and cherished by kids. My three-year-old's eyes light up whenever I read her a special message from an author.
  3. You might get to meet local celebrities! Book launches are often hosted near where an author lives, so going to a launch often means you're supporting a local author.
  4. The kids will learn special author insights. Why did they write the book? What was the process? What is the author's favourite part? 
  5. Bookish things encourage reading. And encouraging kids to read and love books is awesome!
  6. Discounts. Books are often discounted at their launch, so you could get a cheaper price than usual.
  7. Book launches are fun and free events! Book launches don't cost you anything to attend, you know there's going to be a story read and there are usually activities for the kids to do afterwards. I've been to a book launch where there was even a treasure hunt.

So there you go! My 7 reasons to take your kids to book launches. I swear, I promise, I absolutely guarantee you will not regret taking your kids to a book launch.