7 Magical Reasons to Take the Kids to the Library

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It probably won't surprise you when I say I love libraries. My very first job was putting books away at my local library, and I've spend many a lunch hour hiding amongst the shelves as I sneak in an hour or so of writing.

I will always love libraries, and I dare say it is because both my mother and my grandmother used to take me there ALL THE TIME. Libraries are a magical place for everyone, but they are even more special for kids, and here's why:

  1. Kids can read and explore and look at and touch books as much as they like.
  2. Kids can borrow as much as they like (there are usually limits, but in my experience they have always been very generous. I currently have over forty books on loan!) 
  3. Libraries often hold special events just for kids: regular story times, singing sessions and special author visits and activities. And they're usually free!
  4. Librarians are magicians. If you tell them what you’re looking for, or if you just want some recommendations, they will be able to help you find the perfect book (for adults or children).
  5. You can request books and the wonderful librarian magicians will find them for you and set them aside. Some libraries will even send you a text message or email when the books are ready to collect.
  6. Children’s sections of libraries are designed for children, so the books are all down low, there is lots of colour and pictures, comfy rugs to sit on and sometimes kid sized tables and chairs.
  7. Libraries are open a lot! Usually six or seven days a week. They are the perfect place to take kids when you need shelter from the weather or have some free time you are looking to fill with an activity.

So, I encourage you to explore your local libraries and find out whats happening there. Libraries are magical places, and your children will thank you for the experience.

And do you want to know something really special...

The library I frequented as a child is the same library where I worked putting books away as a teenager. It's the same library I go to for lunch time writing sessions AND it's the same library I visit (at least) once a week with my own two girls.

Happy reading!