The Most Fun Way to End a Bath Strike

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My daughter loved going in the bath. Until she didn't. So it was a huge shock to one day discover my little water baby was flat out refusing to get in the tub.

Now, they say we wash too much anyway, so at first I figured she could just skip a bath here or there and it would be no drama. But when even a weekly bath became a melt-down situation, I knew I was going to have to get creative. 

I tried a lot of different things to coax my little one into the water (and wasted a lot of money on gadgets in the process), but like always, its the simple things that work best. So what's the secret?

Food dye!

Yep. So simple but so effective. I let my little one choose whatever coloured bath she wanted, and a few drops of cheap food colouring turned bath time into a colourful adventure.

Sometimes we go crazy and add two colours, and then we get to talk about how colours mix to make other colours. Other times, three colours are demanded and the bath turns brown, but it's all learning, right?

If you are experiencing a bath strike (or just looking for fun bath time ideas), I hope this post helps. But if you're little one is still being stubborn, here are some of the other things I tried to get my daughter in the tub. 

  1. Try the shower instead of a bath (the easiest and cheapest solution—if it works!).
  2. Bubble bath. Kids love bubbles (just not great for kids with eczema).
  3. The best bath toys of all time—plastic cups, bowls and measuring cups.
  4. Making the bath a soup—add oats (good for the skin) and a dash of honey. The kids can mix it all up and play with it.