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Shaye Wardrop is a space alien from a far away planet. While searching for moon moose in a neighbouring galaxy, she stepped through a portal and landed in the forgotten capital of a vast red land.

There, Shaye discovered enchanting places called libraries and a wondrous food called gingerbread. And though the strange land had no moon moose (or intergalactic space travel so she could find them), Shaye decided to stay.

She lives there now in a house with a blue roof, which she shares with one very tall creature and two miniature creatures. In between continuing her studies of the red land’s code and making gingerbread with her teeny roommates, Shaye writes stories for all the miniature creatures on her new planet, weaving words about far away lands, magnificent beasts, incredible journeys and brave little feet.

Fun Facts

Shaye Wardrop:

  • writes humorous, fun and quirky stories for kids
  • is a book reviewer for Kids' Book Review
  • is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the ACT SCBWI organising committee and the ACT Writers Centre
  • won first place in the 2017 Creative Kids Tales 'Magic, Mystery or Skateboards' competition for her picture book Far and Near
  • received a Highly Commended Award in the 2016 Pass It On E-zine Christmas competition for her rhyming picture book I Will Not Wear My Winter Coat
  • has never broken a bone
  • loves that her roof is blue but wishes it wasn't flat.

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